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Ozone 24

Optimized for mountainbike trail riding, but perfectly usable for light trekking, touring and gravel racing. Strong yet not over weight, a perfect all rounder.

Shipping starts March

intended use: XC
weight: 430 gram
max. rider weight: 85 kg
max. spoke tension: 110 kg
As configured €109,00 incl. btw

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Key benefits

Lightweight with enough material at the right place for the needed strength.
That makes the Ozone 24 rim ideal for sporty mountainbike trail riding, but also very suitable for light trekking, touring and gravel racing.

Hookless and tubeless-ready to get the best out of your tyres.
The shape of the rim’s sidewalls makes it easy to mount a tyre tubeless and the tyre shapes up perfectly for optimum functionality.

24 millimeter internal width.
Makes for a perfect fitment of 2.25” wide tyres, but also allows for smaller or slightly wider tyres.

Tech center

At RAD15 we love to tinker, we love to think about improvements, we love to actually improve. These improvements are reached by thorough analysis of the workings of the product or part of it.